Weibo Marketing: The best way to reach out to your Chinese Audience

About Sina Weibo


Sina Weibo, a Chinese microblogging website, was founded in August 2009, almost at the same time as Facebook and Twitter. However, they left China in July 2009 and June 2009 respectively. They both were blocked in China 2009 because of political issues, after which Sina Weibo became the most popular social media in China. Below is the page before users login. Typically, users can see what are the hottest topics that most users are searching for now. At the right corner, there is a list of hot Sina Weibo topics which are updated every ten minutes. From the list, typical features of Sina Weibo content can be seen, most users are searching for entertainment news. For example, latest romantic movies performed by their idols or a divorce of a star couple.

Facts about Sina Weibo


  • A Weibo service that is like an amalgamation of Facebook and Twitter. 

  • Weibo’s average daily active users in June 2016 is 126 million. 

  • Among Weibo active users, female and male users have reached a balance. 

  • Over 76% Weibo users havee higher education. 

  • Weibo’s advertising and marketing revenue increased 45% year over year to $127.2 million. 

  • An account of one dog and one cat has 26 million followers. 

  • A ‘call for help’ micro-post in Weibo can help you find your stolen wallet much faster than the polices do.