China's largest search engine, Baidu


China is not only the most crowded nation on the planet but certainly also a very advanced country in terms of science and technology. For businesses both inland and international, or anybody with an association in the computerized world; China should not be neglected. However, when we consider China we think about complexity, internet censorship, language difficulties, cultural differences etc. This is a place where more than 640 million web clients continually interact during an ever-changing process of advancement and development presenting endless opportunity for businesses and customers alike. China, unlike most Asian countries, doesn’t rely on the technologies and development of Westerns countries. It prefers to develop its own products and services through its own technologies. Therefore, China has its own, domestic social media websites and even search engines like Baidu.

In fact, Baidu is more than a search engine. It is a web service company with multiple services including community services like ‘Baidu Baike’ which acts as a language encyclopedia. Baidu is the most popular search engine in China because it is the most efficient and well designed. It also allows users to search images and audio files. Moreover, it has become the standard search engine in China. While every search engine in China has a tendency to have an alternate demographic, with Baidu controlling 70% of the market, it’s harder to pinpoint a particular demographic for them. The search engine serves clients in every demographic. Any online business can’t prosper in China if it does not know how to market its product or service on Baidu. This web service is the gateway to Chinese online communities. Here are some key facts about Baidu.

  • Launched in 2000 in Beijing by Robin Li, the name “Baidu”  originates from a Song Dynasty lyric in which the term is utilized to depict “a search for the ideal”.

  • The site has an 80% aggregate share of China’s SEO market, asserting predominance after Google’s exit from the market in 2010

  • The site handles 3.3 billion questions/searches every day

  • 5% of income originated from mobile in 2014

  • Gaining high rankings on Baidu is the key to exposure in the Chinese digital market.

All these facts indicate the importance of Baidu and in this article you will find out how to utilize this search engine to generate maximum traffic for your website.